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Have you ever wondered about making money on your own token? Tokenarium shows how it works in real life.
Choose the type of token, hire and level-up employees, earn development points, promote, make presales and pump your token. And earn!
Roadmap, development
plan and plans for future
We’ve prepared a detailed roadmap in our docs (GitBook).
It’s better to see it there then pasting an image here.
It’s easy to earn
while playing
Just explore game mechanics, rules and maths prepared in our docs. And enjoy some screenshots from the game.
Collect, level up your employees and exchange them on LootEx
Build dream team, level up its’ members doing presales, increase their professional points and make your project faster then the light.
Trade NFTs on BSC now on LootEx
Articles, news, updates and everything you need to stay tuned
We usually post articles on Medium, Twitter, and Reddit. But Medium is the most usable to learn something new about us.
Meet some of our partners
Buy $TKNRM on PancakeSwap